House to Home

Decor. Home. Life.

Your home should be a reflection of your family & everything you love.

Styling your home doesn't have to be difficult. Your home doesn't have to fit into the latest trend... it just has to "fit" your family.
Find pieces that "speak" to your heart. Accents that make you smile.
Our carefully curated decor items will fit the style of any home because when you fill a home with everything you love, you have everything you need.

  • Mixing old & new

    Don't be afraid to let your style speak of who YOU are. Mixing old with new items is a great way to bring in texture & color. Use old industrial bins to hold blankets or toys. Find an old milk crate to store pillows.

  • It's the little things...

    I always say decorating doesn't have to be difficult. Find little accent pieces to bring out the natural beauty in your statement pieces. Love burning candles? Pair it up with a simple, aged cutting board for display & added height.

  • Simple Design

    Add layers of color and texture as a visual interest to your decor. It will naturally keep the eyes moving and create a cohesive landscape.

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