Country Roads.....

Country Roads.....

This past weekend our family took a 3 hour trek up to my in-law's family cabin in northern Pennsylvania.  Now, before this post makes it seem like an all "peaches-n-cream" weekend, I will say, sometimes it is plain and simple a lot of work for these weekends (which we are blessed to happen quite often over the warmer months); packing everyone's clothes, which dinners, drinks & snacks to bring along; remembering our dog's food, leash, bed, fishing equipment... list is endless that Andy & I actually have a pre-printed checklist (mock us all you want... but helps us in the "mountain madness" moments of preparing).  Not to mention the inevitable struggle of the 3 kids on which one is "doomed to torture" by sitting in the middle seat, as the coveted window seat is prime real estate on a road trip.  Sigh.... rock, paper, scissors don't always solve this issue.  Even with all the chaos of getting things together, the minute our seat belts are buckled and both tires leave the driveway, in a way, we are already "there."  

Taking the time to escape the hustle & bustle of everyday life feeds your soul.  Even though we are "blessed" to have a cabin with some modern amenities like electric, water & few select television channels; it is so nice to not have wifi.  To watch the kids create memories and traditions we hope they pass onto their own children, bring me back to life after the exhaustion of everyday life back home.  Now, don't get me wrong.... I wouldn't trade our "perfect chaos" for a million dollars.  Not even 2 million dollars.  Now, 3 million dollars..... I'm kidding!!  I'm kidding!!  But I know you know exactly what I am talking about; working full time, trying to make healthy dinners that 'count' as a meal before rushing your kid (or kids) off to sports practices on a work night / school night none the less, getting laundry done with hopes of actually getting it put away, keeping up with paperwork, bills, cleaning and now our small business.... blah, blah, blah.  Oh, how I would love to have 5 minutes with the "pre-wife & pre-mom" self to tell 'her', "You think you are busy & tired right now.... just you wait, girlfriend!!"

But the cabin.... the cabin brings me back to me.  Hearing my kids laugh as they play hide n seek in the woods. Watching my kids snap twigs to build a fire to bake our supper's baked potatoes.  Watching my hubby & kids RACE down to the fReEzInG cold creek (notice I said hubby & kids.... I'm the smart one who is strictly a spectator in this family sport) to see who is the first one under.  Their excitement as you stop for fresh scooped ice cream on the way back to the cabin.  Simple things are everything. 

For me, nothing beats sitting around a camp fire, surrounded by some of your favorite people, hearing the crackling of wood as you do one of the things that fuels your soul with fire - just me & my paint brush.  I will say, as the night sky starts to bring in the darkness, it can be a tad difficult to see my sketches under the cover of the trees.... the light from the camp fire can only go so far.  :) 

So, what is this blog about?  We all have a little "cra cra" in our lives.  You are not alone in this 'crazy mom' gig - we all share that title.  Sometimes it drives me absolutely insane.... rushing and going, coming and going.  At the end of the day, I quickly remind myself of two things....

#1 - Let whatever you get done today, be enough.  Because it is.

#2 - This is the life I always wanted & love.... fun times & "cra cra" & all.

It's not always easy to remind yourself of these things when you are in the moment.... I get it because I don't always remember my own mantras when I should.  I tell you this though.....  Find your own simple pleasures.  Whatever they may be & take the time to really soak them up.  The deep root of what makes you, YOU - and don't be afraid to just STOP what you are doing to enjoy these simple moments.  Trust me, you will thank yourself for it.

As for me & our family, nothing beats a little dust on our tires.

Until we chat again,



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Well said. Always remember the simple happy times, they will always bring a smile especially when “cra-cra”sneaks up behind you. Love you always.

Pat Smith

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