If You Never Try..... You Never Know

If You Never Try..... You Never Know

As I sit here contemplating how to begin our first ever blog post, I am at a loss for words.  Which for those that know me, try not to laugh too hard at that statement.  I know, I know... I am rarely at a loss of words.  In the background, our almost 13-year-old is blasting, "If It's Meant To Be" on her radio which is allowing me to get the best of my 'chair dance' moves in our kitchen..... then made me think about what I was singing and how close in related to what I was trying to tell in my story of  "DGR". 

Just about 14 months, we took a 'chance' with some money we saved by investing in a shed to use as a workshop for creations we wanted to create together.  We took that chance & thought, "If It's Meant to be... It will Be."  What we have learned over the past 14 months is that what was meant to be has blessed our family and business beyond words.  

Here's how DGR was meant to be.....

My husband, Andy & I went to look at a shed at local business in Lititz.  We saw a "cute" shed that matched the exterior of our home perfectly.  Our own tiny mini version of our home could sit in the corner of our yard.  We drove home to think about our intentions before making this investment.  Andy sat quietly looking out our living room window on the cold March afternoon looking at DGR's "spot", envisioning what it would look like. So many thoughts were racing through my mind, all over the place like a plate of spaghetti.  I knew I was a "maker" and needed a creative outlet outside of my medical business office job.  Andy is a welder by trade, so he would be my "other half" in constructing our signs.  But with our kids, full time jobs, sports schedules.... could we really do this?  As if he could read my mind, Andy swept off all those crazy noodle thoughts in my mind with 3 simple words, "Let's Do This".  With a mixture of amazement, excitement and fear, I could only utter back, "OK!".

One month later on April 29, 2017, on the back of a hydro-lift truck, our "mini house" that was holding our dream together, drove down Greenville Road.

It sorta reminded you of a parade, with the truck carrying the float behind it, driving across our yard.  I don't think that moment could get any sweeter, even if the driver had candy to throw out his window at us as standing close by.  

Less than an hour later, a tad amazement of how the hydraulic lift was really just an adult size version of a remote control car and a dash of muscle strength in guiding into place, we had our "DGR" dream starting to take shape.

And that is it.  We took a gamble and wished for the best together.

We painted a few signs for our first show in August but really got the saws cutting and paint brushes painting for our premier show in October 2017.

We are so blessed & so honored to have all of you along this adventure with us.  Together we have 3 kids, 2 full time jobs, full sports schedule 10 months out of the year, so "we get it."  Sometimes we juggle so much like the rest of the world, I don't know how we can keep our heads on straight, but somehow, with my "bestest bud" by my side, we do it day in & day out.

That's why I created this blog.  To share "our crazy", to share our modern farmhouse decor and DIY ideas and to share "just life". 

Because at the end of each day, it's about the story you write in your pages of your book.  Welcome to our's…..

Andy & Jaime Weik



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