FB LIVE show - Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm (Mother's Day is coming soon!)

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Join us EVERY OTHER SUNDAY at 7pm for FaceBook LIVE shows on our Facebook page.  Be sure to stop over & LIKE us so you can follow along with our progress, sneak peek of custom orders not listed on website & stay up to date on DGR events.

Next show is scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd at 7pm on Facebook under Down Greenville Road.  We will be featuring perfect décor & signs that would be perfect for Mother's Day - which is right around the corner.  Plus, we will have a little trivia fun with mom's in mind for DGR give away.  I mean why not.... since MOM flipped upside down is WOW!!!

Here's how the shows work..... Log onto LIVE show every other Sunday at 7pm.  Each sign has a item # assigned.  If you like the sign we are showing & simply need to have it for your home, comment SOLD with item #.  The first person to come over on our end with sale..... will win the sign!  Additional orders can be taken on signs, so no worries if one you 'just have to have' sells.  Simple.  Fun.

NOTE:  Signs are not free; pricing varies depending on signs shown.  Signs will be different than ones we have displayed on website.  Since each piece of barn wood differs, we can't always list each sign we hand craft on our website since we only have one available.  That's where LIVE shows and local shows are fun - you never know what you will find!!  Local pick up available AND shipping across The United States (shipping fee additional to sign cost).

Hope you can join the fun!!!